Saturday, March 3, 2007

My temporary corporate shack

For the month of January, they put me up in this high rise apartment right along the shore of the Hudson - overlooking NYC. The most stereotypical moment was the first night I was there - I wanted to get some pizza delivered in, as I had no food. I went down and talked to the doorman, named Vinny or Geno or something, and told him I wanted to order pizza...thinking he could offer a recommendation. "You mean, you want to order a pie?" said the rotund gentleman. "Sure, a pie..." I said. Thus started the adventure.

The place had a pretty nice view of midtown Manhattan, and was fully furnished. I think if I wanted to live here year round the rent would be about $3,500 a month. I'm pretty sure you could buy KG's mansion on Lake Minnetonka for $3,500 a month...
I pulled the table over by the window, and setup a little home office...even if it was only for a few weeks. Figured it'd be the only time I'd have a corner office with a window looking out at the Empire State Building.
I'll put up some pictures of my new new place when I get all moved in and setup.


Über alle Maßen said...

So I visited your company's website. They make working in genetics look like modeling for Ralph Lauren. Have you met any of those RNA models they flaunt on their website?


Über alle Maßen said...

Hey--one of the gals [on the website] looks exactly like Meredith. It's so McDreamy working for QIAGEN