Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Glorious Week 1 Victory

I think society has passed the point of explaining the heartaches that rise and fall with each week in the modern world of Fantasy Football. That being said; this video says all that could ever be said to one certain individual:

I can't stop watching it and twisting my mustache.

No seriously. I can't stop watching it and laughing manicaclly.

Monday, September 6, 2010

End of Season Triathlon

This weekend was my last triathlon of the season. Probably. I'd run this same triathlon last year, but this year I came in better trained and more prepared than any I've previously done (for the record this was my 4th Tri).

The extra training and experience paid off, as I shaved time off every discipline vs. the same event in 2009. 1:30 faster on the swim, a full 10 minutes faster on the bike, and 30 seconds faster on the run. All in all, my best effort in a triathlon yet.

Don't let anyone fool you - triathon is an expensive and time consuming endeavour to pursue; but once you get all your equipment and training dialed-in (and purchased), it's very rewarding to see the minutes fall off your time.

Up next, the 2010 Twin Cities Marathon - 30 days from today.