Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Only Slightly Racist

I've been watching a little of the round-the-clock Obama-mania on all the networks, and one of the interesting things I've noticed is how carefully the anchors tip-toe their way around the race issue. Normally journalists just dive into any report and try and look smart. With this Obama stuff, it's almost like you can see them practicing their lines in their head so they don't pull a Wolf Blitzer during Katrina...

And then I saw Obama and his Wifey pull up to the White House, and all I could think of...

Also, hopefully college kids somewhere are playing a drinking game this morning where they take a shot every time they hear the word 'historic'. They'll be passed out by 10am.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Time To Buzz The Tower

It's not often we get to smile and laugh about a plane crash. So let's take advantage:

Really, this whole thing is a lot like Top Gun: A plane goes down and Goose dies.

I'll be in the bar till the end of the week.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Washington D See

east coast mark spent last week in Washington D.C. for some work meetings. It turns out it was one of the last weeks before the Socialist Obama Administration takes over and starts their indoctrination. It was disgusting how many Minivans I saw driving around with Obama bumper stickers...but I digress.

We took in a few cool events while in town:

Tuesday night we rented out this swank new bowling alley called '300' - which really has more of the feel of a Vegas nightclub than bowling alley. While you're bowling they have cocktail waitresses in slinky black dresses coming around to tend to your every need. Compare this to the annoying high school kids that are normally running around a bowling alley, and I think they're onto a hot concept. I guess these are popping up around the country, so keep a look out.

Wednesday night we took in the Wizards vs. Raptors NBA game. All my European colleagues were bored stiff, and they kept talking about how 'futbol' is so much more exciting. I had to agree that watching these two cellar-dwelling teams was pretty brutal. Half of them left around the third quarter to find a 'pub'. Turns out that's European for 'bar'. Being an American sports fan, I knew better - and that NBA players don't really try until the 4th quarter.

Our last night we had a banquet at the 'Newseum' - which is this trendy new museum based around the history of news. Yeah, D.C. is getting a tad-bit specific with their museums. Nonetheless, it was a pretty cool space - and the dinner was catered by Wolfgang Puck's catering service. I stepped out on the balcony and snapped this pic after finishing my braised short rib.

Also - it turns out that while out at the bars in D.C., telling the local women that you're 'from New York' goes over big. Not sure why exactly, but I'll take it.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Minnesota New Year's Eve

My friend "MD" has a dance club and karaoke parlor in his basement, with more electronics and laser lights than you'd find at most rock concerts. That said, his 'Compound' seems to be the default location for our annual impromptu New Year's Eve Party. I managed to snap about 15 random pictures throughout the night, so I put them into a video. The common denominator in all these pictures is confetti. Everywhere confetti.

One of the joys of living 1,200 miles away from your New Year's Eve party is that you never have to clean up the next morning, or wonder who drooled all over your pillow (see last picture above).

Those of you not acquainted with east coast mark will find me making a cameo in a white sweater at about the 42 second point.