Friday, September 7, 2007

The Summer Lag

East Coast Mark hasn't had nearly as much time this summer to post as I'd (you'd) like. I'm working about 12 hours a day, and when I'm not doing that I'm usually out running in the last month of prep before the marathon on October 7th. Nonetheless, I've got some good rants lined up for this fall - no one is safe.

Last weekend I had a 16 mile run, and this Saturday is 18 miles. Physically I haven't run into any major injuries - which often can set back marathon training programs. A few strains and aches here and there, but nothing that can't be overcome. Advil and Icy Hot have become my two best friends. As Josh put it, "You smell like a medicine cabinet", after I lubed up before a training run we did last month.

The Twins all but dead for the year, so I'm throwing all my baseball energies behind the Yankees. Partially to spite my colleagues in Boston, and partially because I look stunning in pinstripes. I'm thinking playoff tickets to Yankee Stadium might be a valid way to wine and dine some clients....conveniently timed to coincide with a Sox/Yanks ALCS championship game.

Lastly, here's a family picture taken a few weeks back. Might be a few years before I start sporting the bow tie like my dad....but tell me that's not ice cold.

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