Friday, August 15, 2008

As Nastia as She Wants to Be

My new favorite past-time is to try and come up with puns regarding the Olympics. You gotta be pretty quick - because ESPN is always on the case. For example, Michael Phelps wins a gold medal? "Golden Boy" or "Good to Gold". You get the idea. Feel free to post your own gems in the comments section.

After watching Nastia Liukin take the Gold Medal on Thursday night, I came up with the gem you see above. Puns!

I've also probably heard the story about what Michael Phelps eats for breakfast about 10 times in the last day and a half. Pretty solid stuff, tubby. He eats more in a day than the entire U.S. Women's gymnastics team has eaten in their entire lives.

*Dibs on Nastia Liukin

**Dude, she's 18. It's cool.

***Fine. But people were calling dibs on the Olsen Twins when they were 16. Just saying.

****When does Track and Field start? It's like I'm stuck in the movie Groundhog Day - and I keep repeating swimming and gymnastics over and over, day after day.

James Blake. Tennis anyone?

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Anonymous said...

Liukin gold! "Lookin'"