Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Minnesota New Year's Eve

My friend "MD" has a dance club and karaoke parlor in his basement, with more electronics and laser lights than you'd find at most rock concerts. That said, his 'Compound' seems to be the default location for our annual impromptu New Year's Eve Party. I managed to snap about 15 random pictures throughout the night, so I put them into a video. The common denominator in all these pictures is confetti. Everywhere confetti.

One of the joys of living 1,200 miles away from your New Year's Eve party is that you never have to clean up the next morning, or wonder who drooled all over your pillow (see last picture above).

Those of you not acquainted with east coast mark will find me making a cameo in a white sweater at about the 42 second point.

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