Monday, April 13, 2009


Every so often, east coast mark likes to recommend a new band. Lately, I've been putting together some new 'running mixes' to pump through my iPod while running. When I first got into running a few years back, these mixes consisted of 2 kinds of songs: Gangster Rap or club thumping beat music. Times are changing...

As I've matured as a runner, (and as a person? -debatable) I find that I need the music as less of a crutch, and more just as something to spice up my mood and help pass the time. Additionally, lately I find that a lighter mood of music helps me to stay more in tune with my body. Tupac, for all his charm, has a way of hijacking the brain and masking any other possible thoughts.

Onto this week's pick: Carolina Liar with 'Show Me What I'm Looking For'

They're an American band, but produced by Swedish super-producer Max Martin (the pop-guru that churned out all those hits by N*Sync and Britney Spears).

If you missed the free iTunes download about 3 weeks ago, you can pay your $.99 - and perhaps you too can one day run like me. Or don't. It's your life man.

(Sharp eyed viewers will note that this entire video is shot in Atlantic City, much of it on the Jersey Shore outside the Taj Mahal. Others will say I have a gambling problem.)

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