Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Links

I picked up some new cufflinks at an event last week. They're called 'Siam Skull' - and combine just the right amount of whimsy and style. I happen to think they look very sharp against a blue cuff with a subtle purple or maroon tie.

Not every occasion calls for such ornate and garish adornment, but for the under-30 professional - I lament the look of a man in an ill-fitting dress shirt and boring cufflinks.

Also, never buy cufflinks in a color to match a specific 'outfit'. The goal of any properly styled combination should be to pair quality pieces that complement each other, without coming off as fussy and overdone (read: too matchy). We've all unfortunately seen that certain someone who wears a matching shirt, links, tie, and pocket square. Straight out of some JC Penny magazine advertisement.

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