Monday, September 6, 2010

End of Season Triathlon

This weekend was my last triathlon of the season. Probably. I'd run this same triathlon last year, but this year I came in better trained and more prepared than any I've previously done (for the record this was my 4th Tri).

The extra training and experience paid off, as I shaved time off every discipline vs. the same event in 2009. 1:30 faster on the swim, a full 10 minutes faster on the bike, and 30 seconds faster on the run. All in all, my best effort in a triathlon yet.

Don't let anyone fool you - triathon is an expensive and time consuming endeavour to pursue; but once you get all your equipment and training dialed-in (and purchased), it's very rewarding to see the minutes fall off your time.

Up next, the 2010 Twin Cities Marathon - 30 days from today.

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