Thursday, December 16, 2010

Angels, Angel, and Akon

In case you (shamefully) missed the CBS prime time Victoria's Secret fashion show a few weeks back, you missed a golden opportunity to blatantly ogle supermodels while telling your woman you were 'doing some research for Christmas gifts'. Chances are she'd have parked herself on the couch next to you, and even replayed a few parts in slow-mo.

Step up fellas - I can't do all the creative thinking for you.

I gotta say, I liked this new Akon song, 'Angel'. Also, keep a close eye out for my new lover, Candice Swanepoel, who makes her appearance at 3:34 in a white bikini. Completely sick body.  (I recommend blowing this video up full screen - as long as your feminist boss isn't looking over your shoulder.)

It's cold out there - stay warm.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of CBS, I now have a Big Bang Theory going on in my pants.

Anonymous said...

My wife calls what's going on in my pants '2 and a Half Men'. It's not the size that counts.