Friday, April 8, 2011

Speed Concept 7.5

If you've seen Limitless, you'll recall Bob DeNiro's line, "You'll be wanting some toys."

This is my new toy, the Trek Speed Concept 7.5.  It's a bike designed specifically for Triathlons and Time Trials - and the latest addition to my stable.  (Have I mentioned that the sport of Triathlon is a money pit?)

While my road bike can get me to the finish line, this Tri Bike is specifically designed to put the rider in a forward leaning aerodynamic position.  It's also carbon fiber and decked out with Shimano Ultegra components.

This was a project several months in the making - and it took some considerable time to test out a few different bikes, do several different fittings, get the whole thing ordered and assembled, etc.  And now that it's all finished, sure enough the weather has turned Seattle-like, so I've only got 5 miles or so on it thus far.

No bike can turn an average rider into Lance Armstrong, but I do believe that if you feel'll be fast. This thing is going 20 miles an hour just standing still.


Anonymous said...

Nice ride.

Jana (Klein) Cinnamon said...

Happy Birthday, Mark! :) Hope life is treating you well.