Tuesday, June 28, 2011

GWOS III (Golf Weekend Of Spite)

I've just returned from our 3rd Annual Golf Weekend of Spite - a guys golf weekend at my cabin in Northern Minnesota.  My guy friends and I are hyper-competitive, and in addition to the competition on the golf course, the machismo carries over into everything from yard games down to who can build a better fire.  Hence, why we've termed it the Golf Weekend of Spite. 

72 holes of golf later (and as many beers) - and I'm not sure anything is decided, but a good time was had by all.

At one point during the weekend, all 6 of us sat down and took an IQ/Trivia test...just to establish who's smarter.  That's the kind of overboard competitiveness and spitefulness you just can't get while sitting on the couch with your girlfriend watching '27 Dresses'.

How's about a photo montage?

Turns out driving ranges aren't packed at 9am on a Thursday

Team Gameface

Team Whiskey (who played out of their skulls and won the day)

"Bags", being played by D-Bags

Beer, Steak, and Comfortable Slacks

Team Rickie Fowler won day 3.  Me and my orange cap sunk a 10 footer on 18 to win at -1 under par.

B, signifying that his team finished in 2nd place


Our technically inclined friend, MD, setup a projector to watch Wedding Crashers on the front of the cabin.  This is the view from the fire pit.

Another tidbit from the weekend was my creation of a new fireside treat - the S'more made with a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, rather than the usual chocolate square.  Perhaps gilding the lily a bit - but I highly suggest you try it at your next fire.  It's possible someone else in the world has already thought this up - but since it was an original idea to me, I'm claiming it as my own.

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