Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A Minnesota Adventure

I've just returned from a week or so in the old stomping grounds of Minnesota. The main reason for the trip was for the wedding of Mr. Josh 'Poop Paste' Powers...with some additional adventures thrown in. When you go back home, you gotta do the tour of your favorite restaurants (there are no Buffalo Wild Wings in Jersey), dentist, bank, stock broker, Grandmas, etc. Bloomington also now has it's first Chipotle - which is exciting.

The bachelor party was a golfing, poker playing, drinking, water skiing, general den of sin and gluttony. Thayer forced our groom to pound a beer on the 12th hole in an attempt to tank his golf didn't work. My golf team peaked around the 8th hole, and then the beer cart girl drove our golf game into the proverbial sand trap of life. We are also now likely banned from one particular 19th hole in Northern Minnesota....a true badge of honor for any bachelor party.

The reception was in the bride's back yard. Apparently it was 'beautiful' and there were flowers, but as a man - I didn't really notice. I think the chick I walked down the aisle with had it in her head I was a 'bad boy', so she said maybe a total of 50 words to me the entire weekend. If you're single at a wedding - like myself - it turns into a giant E-harmony commercial. I'm not a piece of meat! Well, maybe. Definitely a moment of pride when I was able to work a quote from Wedding Crashers into my speech at the Reception.

We tore up the dance floor, taught the Hustle, did the worm - the usual. I made a run at an Asian Sensation - but was rebuffed by the ever popular, "No - I've got to drive home." SHE WAS MY FIRST ASIAN! I think I also led a conga line, and managed to step on the bride's dress a good 20 or 30 times. Seriously - it's time to think about wedding dress mini-skirts.

In more recent news - Sipe flew in today, and we're headed to Yankee Stadium tomorrow. Box seats for Santana vs. Mussina - good as it gets. There are few things more satisfying than taking the subway to Yankee Stadium to see Santana dominate the Bronx Bombers. If there's time, we'll stop off at Coney Island to see Kobayashi take on Joey Chestnut in the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating contest. I think we'll spend the rest of the week sampling local restaurants, seeing Ground Zero, touring the Museum of Modern Art, Broadway, Times Square, and maybe the occasional libation. I'm also working somewhere in there.

As they say in the old country - L'chai-im. I'm not a talker. I'm not a talker.

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