Monday, July 16, 2007

See Cody Run.

For those of you going through football withdrawal - and are impatiently waiting for football season to get underway, I've found something to wet your appetite. This is video of 12 year old Cody Paul abusing defenses up and down the field. They're referring to him as the 'White Reggie Bush' for his amazing vision and cuts. No doubt scholarship offers are in the mail.

Also entertaining - setting Pee Wee football to Pacman Jones's personal favorite - Make It Rain.

Cody’s runs

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That kid is sick...

Just a few comments:

(1) As a former lineman myself, a good running back is only as good as his offensive line. He had some amazing holes in many of those runs. But yeah, he did make some defenders look silly.

(2) What happens if this kids only grows up to be 5'5" and $1.50? Better start feeding him beef hormones now.