Monday, August 20, 2007

In Memoriam: Millie Roberts (1923-2007)

Had some sad news from back home this weekend, my Grandma Millie Roberts passed away unexpectedly Saturday morning. It appears she had a heart attack during the night - very sad.

She was 84, but was still very sharp and living an active life. Grandma Millie (as we called her) would golf during the week, and often hit up the casinos with the ladies on the weekends (as old ladies like to do). She twice won over $1,000 playing slot machines - and I always gave her grief cause I could never leave a casino with $10 in my pocket.

Her favorite place to be was at her cabin on a lake outside of the cities - and she spent most all of her summers there for the last 40+ years. Fittingly, she was spending time at her cabin with her daughter and family when she passed.

My last memories of her were from earlier this summer, when we had Josh's bachelor weekend up at her cabin. She was so genuinely thrilled that all the guys got together - and everyone was able to enjoy her cabin, spend some time on the lake, and genuinely enjoy the weekend. 2 of my buddies got to meet her, and they couldn't stop talking about kind she was.

She is survived by my dad and 2 of her other children, as well as 7 grandchildren. I'll be flying back to Minnesota this week to be a pallbearer in her funeral.

I'm not sure if there's a heaven or not - but it's kind of a nice thought to think she'll be welcomed into heaven and met by my Grandpa and her daughter, who both preceded her in death. I can kind of picture her saying, "Well, this is too fancy for me...but very nice. Mighty fine."

There's just never enough time. Rest in peace Grandma.

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-Matt- said...

Sorry for your loss.

I didn't know you don't believe in heaven. We should talk.