Thursday, November 22, 2007

See You Around, Torii

Ugh. I'm not sure I was quite prepared to have Torii Hunter gone from the Twins. The news rolled across the ticker early this morning that Torii had signed with the Angels. It was no secret that Hunter was testing the free agent market, but I guess I kinda figured there'd be a bit more back and forth - with the Twins making a last ditch effort to keep him. But now we have no center fielder, and I also now have an expensive autographed Hunter Jersey hanging in my closet that I can never wear again. I guess that's why I invest in stocks and mutual funds rather than sports memorabilia.

Hunter was labeled as the heir apparent to Kirby Puckett - even taking up residence in the locker next to Puckett during the one season they played together. However, Hunter never quite captured hearts like Puckett - but truthfully, nobody could.

Torii's defense has been the best in baseball for the 5+ years, but his bat never measured up. He chased too many pitches, and had a stigma for choking in key situations. Still, Hunter was the only consistent part of the '07 Twins lineup, and his charm and team leadership were second to none.

If the Twins don't find a way to keep Santana, I'm going to be even more disappointed...and I'd rather not complete my trio of useless jerseys: Randy Moss, Torii Hunter, and Johan Santana.

Thanksgiving buzz kill.

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