Friday, November 23, 2007

Straight Chill

This weekend I stuck around the east coast - deciding not to make the journey back to the Midwest for Thanksgiving. Since most everyone I know is a couple thousand miles away - I tend to play the loner card really well. If you've never gone out to a random bar or restaurant by yourself - and just enjoyed your own company, I highly suggest it. I just get into random adventures, and start up conversations with all sorts of people. Enjoyable and educational at the same time.

Thanksgiving evening, I found myself in an upscale gin joint - with a great low key vibe going on. I was having my drink of choice - Glenlivet with one ice cube, chatting up the bartender - when a great song came on. I couldn't have picked it better myself, and if you've ever been in one of my houses or apartments - you'd know that this very easily could come drifting across anytime I'm around.

Stress is not an emotion/sensation that I experience, and I try and steer clear of people who are angst ridden and 'stressed out'. So, if this holiday season you find yourself a little too worked up and strung out....just put on a little Bill Withers, pour some wine, and chill out.

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