Saturday, September 13, 2008

The 4 R's of Saturday

With the Marathon only 21 days away, today was my longest training run of the program - 20 miles. It was a steaming 82 degrees for most of the run, but cooled off later into the afternoon. Somewhat amazing (alarming?) the things you have time to ponder while you're running alone for 4+ hours.

I lost 6 pounds during the run. Went through 4 bottles of water and 2 Gatorades. Sucked down 4 Energy Gels, and had to hurdle one giant* snake that took up residence in the middle of the path.

The aforementioned run burned around 2,500 calories (about 2 days worth) - thus I treated my emaciated frame to a gut-busting dinner at Famous Daves. Aside from Chipotle, there may be no greater combination of carbs and proteins for the young male. As an added bonus - I can still smell the barbecue sauce on my fingers hours later.

Ron Jeremy
Later in the evening, I decided I wanted some dessert - so I strolled up to an Italian bar/restaurant up the street from me. While I was standing at the bar enjoying a delicious Budweiser, I look up - and see Ron Jeremy standing next to me. Yes, that Ron Jeremy. Fittingly, he was with some chick that was WAY to hot for him - which, I applaud. Turns out there's a major Porn Convention in the next city over - and all the 'big name' pornstars are staying at a fancy hotel here in my city.

The season premiere of SNL was also tonight - and Tina Fey opened the show with a spot-on impersonation of Sarah Palin. Given that Tina Fey started the whole 'hot girl in glasses' trend - it was a fitting role. Aside from 'Digital Shorts' and Weekend Update, the rest of SNL is almost unwatchable. Michael Phelps was the host - and I think we all enjoyed him destroying the world in the pool this summer - but let's be honest, he's a douche. Some things are better to be seen and not heard.

And more Tina Fey, just because I can.

*giant snake may have been no more than a foot long, but at the time it looked like a damn Anaconda. (Insert Ron Jeremy Joke)

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