Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November Golf

One benefit to living in the Mid-Atlantic is that golf courses stay open until December or later. This past weekend, with temperatures hovering around 65, I hit the links for a little Sunday night twilight golf.

Considering I hadn't played in about 2 months due to marathon training, I hit the ball really well. 3 pars, 4 bogeys. Got in 7 holes before being chased off the course by darkness. And because I got to the course so late - the Ranger let me go out for free. Free golf...and in November? Neither of these things ever happen in Minnesota.

Here's a photo blog of the afternoon:

That last one is just a moment of pride when my car is the only one in the parking lot, and it's pitch black as I'm taking my spikes off. There's also something satisfying about taking your final swing at a ball, hitting it off down the fairway into the darkness - knowing full well you'll never see that ball again.

Check back in December to see if there's a 'December Golf' blog post.

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