Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Wetsuit

My new triathlon wetsuit arrived this afternoon; having been shipped from California from the 'Xterra' company. This is my first wetsuit, and I'm sure it'll help quite a bit with the swim leg of my triathlons - not so much making me faster, but helping with buoyancy...which in turn, I guess, will make me faster.

That said, I tried the suit on for the first time tonight - and if I'd had the forethought - I'd have video taped it for your comedic enjoyment. On second thought, it might have been frightening. It's not brain surgery to get into it - but it's also harder than you would think to squeeze yourself into a full body condom.

Instead, I'm going to let this hot blond show you a bit more about how to properly put on a wetsuit.

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