Thursday, March 24, 2011

What Everyone's Talking About - 'The Book of Mormon'

A new musical opening up this week is all the buzz here in the NYC area;  "The Book of Mormon", which comes from the minds of Trey Parker and Matt Stone - the geniuses behind South Park and Team America.

As anyone who's followed Parker and Stone knows, their musical talents are surprisingly adept (Academy Award Nominated Blame Canada, or My Waterpark).  Team America was chalk full of ballads, and the idea of mashing these guys up with the Mormon religion is brilliant.  And lest you think it's just another crude bit of toilet humor, it's been getting a lot of buzz and positive reviews.

A must-see on my list for this summer.

*Only tangentially related: will this musical help or hurt my boy Mitt Romney on his path to the White House?

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I'm So Ronery said...

If their opening number is anything like "Everyone has AIDS!" at the beginning of Team America, it can't miss.