Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lance Armstrong - Back in Triathlon

7-time Tour de France Champ Lance Armstrong has quietly (or not so quietly) taken his 40-year old body and gotten into competitive triathlons this year. Truthfully, he's 'back' in triathlon - as that's where he started some 20+ years ago - before dedicating himself full time to cycling.

Lance is gearing up for the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii - in October of this year. In the last two weeks he's won two 70.3 Events, and has seriously put the triathlon world on notice that he's for real.  Pro triathletes who've spent their whole career working at triathlon are getting put to shame by Lance and his other-wordly cardiovascular system.

This morning he won the 70.3 Honu Half Ironman, breaking the course record by 7 minutes. Respect.


 I also had my first triathlon of the year this morning, and beat my 2011 time on the same course by 5 minutes. Pictures and details of the effort will follow later in the week.

Ironman NYC US Championships (I like to use the full name because it sounds more badass) taining is in full effect for me these days. Training is 7 days as week, 2-4 hours a day.  Currently I'm trying for 100+ miles a week on the bike, 30+ miles of running, and 3 pool sessions of an hour+ a week.  I occasionally also mix in weight lifting, yoga, and a full time job.

Next weekend is my first Half Ironman of the season, in upstate New York.

Weight loss:  Down 17 pounds since January.

UPDATE:  Video from the Honu 70.3.  Add going to Hawaii to my bucket list.

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