Wednesday, June 6, 2012

More Of This Please

Sirius XM has already beat this song to a bloody repetitive pulp, but the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders get a pass in my book.  

Highlights include:
1.) Cheerleader ballpit (!)
2.) The cheerleader at the :40 mark pantomiming "baby" by cradling her breasts and rocking them to sleep.
3.) My personal favorite; the blonde at the 1:07 mark with the innocent white bikini, but slutty smile.
4.) 1:44, verbatim recreation of that dream I keep having where I'm the Sultan of some oil-rich kingdom, and this is my herem.

Adrian Peterson with one knee is still twice the back Reggie Bush is.


Anonymous said...

Normally as a Pats fan I hate the Dolphins and all of their output;

But hey, Tits underwater; cool.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about the withe bikini girl at 1:07! How can I find out who she is? I can't ask her to marry me if I don't even know her name!