Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I'm Four New York!

The local NBC Affiliate here in New York is channel 4. They recently came out with this new commercial with a catchy little jingle - splashing videos of the best of NYC. It's a marvel of video editing, with just enough cheese-factor mixed in for my enjoyment. It's all over the airwaves, and I've learned that apparently it's a re-hash of a campaign they ran back in the early 90's. I found the original version, and it's my new favorite thing ever. Enjoy.

I actually just looked out my window, and all the muggers were dancing in step and doing a choreographed number. Awesome.

I'll post the new 2007 version of this commercial when it hits YouTube.

But, I gotta run. Color Me Badd is coming over, and we're all rollerblading over to the Gap to pick up some new cargo pants and friendship bracelets.

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Anonymous said...

That video is so 90s... the good 'ol days. I loved the end of the 20 century.