Friday, June 8, 2007

Signs we're done as a society

After a long week burning up the sales numbers, I decided to stop into Blockbuster tonight and pick up a couple DVDs for the weekend. My faith in mankind was not reassured.

First off, they had stocked probably 200 copies of Norbit - and EVERY copy was checked out. On top of that, there were people standing in front of the empty shelves saying, "Shoot. They're all out." Who are these people that rush home from work on Friday and say, "Shaniqua! Quick, git in the car. Norbit's out on DVD!" I pushed on down the aisle.

Next, I came across a man and his very pregnant wife; trying to decide on what movie to pick up for the evening. She's holding The Departed, which I immediately applaud and make a mental note that I find it personally satisfying when women pick out awesome movies like that. Then, this joker of a husband comes over all excited and says, "Honey, I really think we should go with this one" - as he flashes her Man of the Year. For those of you not familiar with Man of the Year - it's Robin Williams' latest movie. Didn't win any Oscars, needless to say. Here's the plot outline from imdb: "On a lark, the host of a late-night political talk show (Williams) decides to run for president. The thing is, he never expected to win." Gold Jerry. Gold. The Departed, on the other hand, won Best Picture at the Oscars this year.

Every corpuscle in my body wanted to reach out and slap this guy, and then slap him again for making my hand hurt. I've often said people fall into one of two categories of senses of humor:

1.) People who think Jay Leno is funny
2.) People I like to be around

My guess is this guy falls into category 1. What's worse, considering his wife is pregnant...someone wanted to sleep with the SOB.

I pushed on.

Last, I came across 2 sistas who were trying to decide between Stomp the Yard and Little Man (Wayans Brothers). That was the last straw, and I decided I needed to leave Blockbuster before I became infected with whatever was in the air.

I came home and put in The Departed and had a scotch.

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