Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama

I was doing a little background reading on Obama tonight, after hearing his name about 90 times today on various news outlets. Learned a few interesting things that made me wonder if this guy could ever possibly be elected President:

  • His middle name is Hussein.

  • He was educated briefly in Muslim schools while growing up.
  • He wrote that he used alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine during his teenage years to "push questions of who I was out of my mind".

Obviously none of these things make him specifically less capable of being our President - but if he wins the Democratic nomination, he's going to get Swiftboated like nothing we've ever seen. I think this guy has some dirt under his fingernails that is going to come out once everyone gets over the novelty of hearing an eloquent black man deliver speeches about 'change'. I can't help but agree with Hillary when she rails against Obama for not having much experience. However, if we do elect him President, it will definitely be a statement about the maturation of people of this country - less so than I think it will be a victory for 'race relations'.

Elsewhere - even Democrats are now starting to repel from HRC in the way we Republicans have for more than a decade. She's like an angry, unpleasant soccer mom who always looks like she's right on the verge of calling Obama the 'N-word'.

I'll say it again - I think the only way for the Democrats to take the White House is to nominate John Edwards. I respect the guy for not using his dying wife as a political tactic. It would be easy to garner support by playing the sympathy card, and gaining voters by pulling on the heart strings for her battle with terminal cancer.

Romney was really polished in the recent debates, and his preparation and knowledge of the issues was impressive against a stuttering McCain and an evasive Huckabee. Romney has some very strong ideas and opinions on stopping Illegal Immigration - and I think his hard stance is going to win a lot of supporters. McCain and Giulliani are basically preaching amnesty - 'let them all stay, as long as they're already here illegally anyway'.

Within 6 weeks we'll have our two candidates - thanks in part to the shortened and compacted primary season this election cycle. Chances are Bloomberg could enter the race as an Independent, but if it's Romney vs. Obama - Bloomberg won't have a prayer. If it's Hillary vs. Huckabee....Bloomberg could make some waves.

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