Saturday, March 22, 2008

Adventures in the Midwest

east coast mark took off for Minnesota for a few days. The day I arrived, Mother Nature dropped 6 inches of heavy, thick snow. I guess I like to announce my presence with authority.

One of my Jersey friends recently asked me, "So, do you live on a farm?" I suppose it's not a completely out-of-line question; because before I moved to the east coast - I would have asked people in New York, "So, have you ever seen grass?"

This weekend I've been systematically hitting up my favorite restaurants, bars, and old drinking buddies. Also, whenever I come home - I suddenly become Mr. Home Improvement. My mother has a list waiting for me of little odd jobs they can't quite figure out. So far, I've replaced a light switch, fixed the doorbell, and re-wired the Internet. It's like fantasy camp for aspiring handymen.

Tomorrow I'll be going to church for Easter - and I am already dreading it. I'll have to see 200-some people that haven't seen me in 6 or 9 months. This invariably leads to me recounting my 'story' 50+ times. "So Mark, where do you live now?" "Do you still like your job?" "Do people talk faster?" "Do you know Elliot Spitzer?" "Do they have grass in New York City?" It goes on and on....and not that I'm not happy to catch up with people, but after you've recounted your life story 50 kind of get sick of talking about yourself.

Who am I kidding. I love talking about myself. I created a blog for God's sake.

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