Saturday, March 8, 2008

Spring Ahead to Annoyance

Is it just me, or is daylight saving time every 6 weeks now? Every time I turn around I'm resetting my clocks.

Maybe I've got some sort of complex about time - but I bet I have no less than 8 clocks in my apartment, plus the clocks on the VCR, DVD, and TV. I also have 6 watches. Yes 6 - I also have a thing about watches.

I've gotta block off 2 hours on my calendar to just go around the house setting clocks. And have you ever tried to reset the clock on your DVD player? It's like cracking a Russian nuclear missile code. McGuyver is coming over to help.

Then in my car, there are 2 clocks. One of them involves me cracking into the navigation system and scrolling through 40 options before I finally get to the magic screen where I lose an hour. Joy.

And on top of all this - let's not ignore the fact that I'm straight-up robbed of a solid hour of time that I could have spent watching reruns of The Office or watching reruns of Brett Favre crying like a baby at his retirement press conference. What a wuss*.

*As a Minnesota Vikings fan (who has been at the receiving end of numerous Favre embarrassments) - every post for the next week will include reference to Favre crying like a little girl.

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Anonymous said...

Noone sticks around as a Viking long enough to retire!