Monday, March 17, 2008


Irregaaaadless, it's fackin' St. Paddy's day, and east coast maaark loves tawlkin' in a Bawston accent. I get a longin' in my haahhht for all my Irish kin! Get 13 or 14 Sammy Aadams' in me and I feel strawng as a fackin' awx!! I've got on mah Irish kilt, and just picked up a bran' new foam shamwrack fingahh.

Just gonna finish waatchin' Tha Depaated - then me and Tawmmy Braydee ahr gonna go uht and round up some hawties. Gonna be the best St. Paddy's day evah!! ALL THE MILLER LITE YOU CAN DRINK FOR JUST $200! BEAT THAT, SHITBAWXES!

Oh, and this is what happens when Muppets get bombed on Guinness.

Now lets get hopped up and make some bad decisions.

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