Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Eldrick Returns

Eldrick 'Tiger' Woods makes his return to golf this week after an 8 month layoff to lay around in bed with his Swedish model wife rehab his reconstructed knee. Tiger also recently had a son, Charlie, who weighed in at 8lbs 7oz under par.

Did you all see the new family picture? Couldn't they have squeezed a glorious rainbow into the picture? Maybe a kitten licking frosting off a cupcake? Let's see if we can't ramp up the cuteness factor next time boys.

With Tiger's return, golf emerges from it's winter hibernation - and men around the country anxiously await the opening of their nearest driving range. For you NFL fans, this also now provides a new excuse to give the wife for why you need to spend all Sunday in front of the TV again. And lastly, Republicans now have a black man on TV they actually want to watch. Zing!

Here are a few of the best Tiger Commercials for your viewing pleasure:

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