Thursday, February 5, 2009


This "Stimulus" Bill is a joke. Take a look at some of the absolute garbage the Democrats are filling this bill with. What's so frustrating for we Republicans and Conservatives is that these things have absolutely no chance of producing a return on investment.

I heard an interesting fact the other day: If we were to eliminate all taxes in this country, starting today - including all income taxes, social security, etc.....and cut them until August, that would amount to the same $900 Billion as the Democrats are proposing to spend. Think about that. Think of the jolt that 'tax holiday' would give the economy. What would you stimulate yourself with if you suddenly had 20%-30% more in your paycheck every week until August? Just food for thought.

I'll leave you with the Larry Kudlow Creed: "Free-Market Capitalism is the best path to prosperity." Tax-and-Spend-Socialist-Bloated-Government is not.

Thankfully, I sense the tide is changing on this - and the American people aren't going to swallow a $900 Billion Nancy Pelosi pill.

(Seriously. Look at that link above. It's shameful to take those items, at those prices, and try and pass it off as a 'stimulus.')

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