Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fit To Be Tied

Confession: I'm slightly OCD when it comes to organization and neatness. One of the places this is highly evident is my bedroom walk-in closet. I like everything neatly pressed, hung, straight, folded, you name it.

However, I've always had an issue with how to keep my ties organized. Ties don't really fold or store easily, and in order to properly scan your collection when dressing in the morning - they all need to be visible in some way. There are plenty of cheesy 'motorized tie racks' on the market - but I've never felt that a $20 plastic wheel that runs on batteries was suitable for expensive yards of silk.

With the lack of a decent tie solution, I've resorted to simply draping my ties over the mirror in my closet. This allows the ties to hang, but they tend to pile up on each other - and I can't see more than 50% of them without doing some digging. In addition, they've started overtaking the mirror - leaving only a few inches of mirror space.

The Problem:

This week I decided the monster was growing out of control, and it was due time to figure out a solution to this tie conundrum. After some thought, my solution was to install two bronze towel bars above my dressing corner. I took a bit of inspiration from a recent post on A Suitable Wardrobe, and I think the end result is perfect for my needs.

This layout gives me more space to spread the ties out, and I can see most all of my ties in the morning when selecting one for the day. I also gain back my mirror space, and what a stunning reflection it is.

I did a quick inventory, and counted 51 ties - with the majority being from Brooks Brothers or Ted Baker. Ties and pocket squares are one of the few places where a businessman can show off a bit of personality.

One view of the other half of the closet:


Anonymous said...

Very nicely done. I'm jealous of how much space you have.

Anonymous said...

Mark obviously has a shortage of ties. Hopefully the Obama Stimulus Plan will give you much needed assistance because there is about a 1/2 an inch of unused space there.