Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Stuff White People Like

HBO is airing a new season of its old standby, 'Def Comedy Jam'. For those of you who are unfmailiar - it's basically a 30 minute show of up-and-coming black standup comedians. Quite frankly, the whole, 'black-comedians-making-fun-of-white-people' bit is getting old. Am I wrong? Yes, we dance funny at dance clubs. Yes, we like the occasional Barry Manilow jingle. Yes, we enjoy getting to work on time and paying our bills. Whatever.

But, a new wrinkle that I do enjoy is white peoople self-depricating their own culture. This leads me to my new favorite blog -

Stuff White People Like

It's regularly updated with little pieces of modern American White culture; and it couldn't be more spot on. I won't spoil them all for you - but a few of my favorites are "Knowing What's Best for Poor People", "Toyota Prius", "Marathons", and "Asian Girls".

If you're not white, it'll teach you how to be white - or survive in any situation where you find yourself surrounded by white people. This could come in handy next time you're at a wine tasting.

Lastly, white people love Barack Obama. They're afraid if they don't, they'll be labeled as racist.

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